redefines the process of planning and designing dynamic websites that will be the on-line calling card for your business. We create and manage projects large and small for our clients.


Robert Eder was born and raised in Austria. He attended college in double winter Olympic city Innsbruck. After receiving his Bachelor's in Computer Science (BSCS), he worked for three years in Munich, Germany at Siemens before moving to New York. After twenty-four years of independent computer consulting in New York, he moved to Las Vegas, continuing what he loves most: sophisticated, high level back end programming.

In the 1990's, he founded a youth soccer program in Mount Sinai, New York. He volunteered over a decade as president for the club, which grew from just a few hundred to over eight hundred kids per year.

What we offer

Online Business Listing Online Business Listing Unlike Google and the rest of them, we don't robotically scan your website and come up with a business profile by algorithm. We believe that you, the owner of your business should be in charge of the exact format and wording about your business. We believe you can do a much better job than any robot. Just like the design and format of your advertising material, we allow your to design your own online image, profile and look ∧ feel.

Global Product Catalog Global Product Catalog To our knowledge there is no global product catalog. Again, we believe that your marketing staff knows much better how to enter your product into our catalog. With our easy to use online interface you enter and maintain your entire arsenal of products. You update your product availability and price changes if applicable. You are in charge of it.

Global Service Listing Global Service Listing To our knowledge there is no global service catalog. Again, we believe that your marketing staff knows much better how to enter your service into our catalog.

Independent Contributor Network Independent Contributor Network Many (if not all) platforms push content from independent contributors to the bottom. They usually promote main stream ahead of you. Come join us. Work with us. We are open to your suggestions. Some platforms throw you off their platform for violating their TOS. We have a different approach.

Digital Marketing Digital Marketing Every business needs to market. We offer competitive digital marketing solutions. Give us a call. Let's get started today.

Professional Services Professional Services We provide professional services and consulting services to our clients. We have extensive experience in web technology, database and AI

Affordable Websites Affordable Websites We provide affordable websites to businesses small to large. Our websites are highly responsive and have tons of functionalities.

Artificial Intelligence Services Artificial Intelligence Services The new programming environment is AI. We are rolling out AI modules on our websites as we make progress with AI. Call us if you have specific AI requirements.