WE FIND YOUR MONEY FOR YOU is an investigative firm which specializes in finding and recovering lost assets for individuals, trusts, estates, and business entities throughout the United States. ASSETS INCLUDE: Bank Accounts, insurance proceeds, tax refunds, trust funds, securities and dividend accounts, bankruptcy funds, royalty payments, escrow accounts, unclaimed property accounts, and many other types of accounts that have been lost or forgotten often for many years. With due diligence and a dedicated staff, we've gained valuable insights into the recovery of funds. We make the process easy for our clients and help prove ownership of accounts that at first glance, may appear to be too difficult to establish a claim.


 OUR GOALS AND SERVICES: Our only goal is to reunite owners with property and assets that they rightfully own. On-site investigators and record search. Experienced and dedicated staff to research rightful owner information and to ensure assets recovery. To act as liaison between the holder of funds and the State Controllers to speed up the recovery process and ensure speedy payment of claims. Explanation of all procedures and provide all claim forms and information to rightful holder. Depending on the nature of the claim, the process can take anywhere from six weeks to six months. We will never ask you for social security numbers, financial records, account numbers, or any other privacy related information.